Garner tells Harre to harden up


Laila Harré – harden up.

And welcome back to politics. It hasn’t changed.

So, the Prime Minister said you’re backed by a sugar daddy – Kim Dotcom. So what? Many people will actually agree with him. It’s not really wrong. Is it?

To take offence is to be far too thin-skinned. Harden up, shake it off, but – best of all – just ignore it.

The truth is the Mana-Internet Party is backed by a German billionaire on the run from the authorities. It is what it is: he’s paying you and he’s paying for the party to exist. If he goes, the party goes.

Harre is playing the sexism card. Yawn.

Incidentially Your Dictionary says a definition of sugar daddy is:

A wealthy male benefactor to a charity or other cause

Sounds a very apt definition. Mirriam Webster also define it as:

a generous benefactor of a cause or undertaking

Laila is getting paid a full-time generous salary to campaign on behalf of Kim Dotcom. She shouldn’t complain when people point this out.

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