Glad to help

August 6th, 2014 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

Labour’s Te Tai Tokerau candidate says he will donate money given to his campaign by National-aligned bloggers to Rape Crisis.

National’s pollster David Farrar and Whaleoil blogger Cam Slater both donated about $100 to Mr Davis’ campaign after a Facebook post Mr Davis wrote criticising Kim Dotcom and the deal with Internet Mana, and asking for donations.

Mr Davis said he had received the donations in his campaign account and would not return them, but nor would he use them on his electorate campaign.

“I’m going to donate it to Rape Crisis and thank them very much for their contribution to my anti-sexual violence campaign. I’m pleased people want to give so generously to the sexual and domestic violence campaign. It’s fantastic of them and it’s great that men are stepping up.”

I’m delighted I can assist a Labour MP to do something meaningful about domestic and sexual violence, as opposed to merely apologising for being a man!

Also give Kelvin credit that unlike Hone, Kelvin will be choosy over whom he takes money from 🙂

I understand Kelvin received well over $1,000 in donations from our blog readers, so we look forward to him actually putting some billboards up in Northland, from the other donations

9 Responses to “Glad to help”

  1. hmmokrightitis (1,919 comments) says:

    Ive just spent the day up there, driving around. There is nothing in terms of signage for him, at all. Nada. Silent T should be appalled at his own hypocrisy, of course they’ve done a deal, and I bet Kelvin hasn’t been told either.

    Contrast it with New Plymouth. A veritable ocean of blue signs as you drive in from the north. And that awful Little man on a billboard in the centre of town. Cant comment about the southern reaches of town which is more labour territory, but coming in from the north you’d be forgiven for thinking labour didn’t exist…

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  2. Manolo (22,075 comments) says:

    The poor and emasculated Silent T must be fuming.
    The socialist “leader” will continue to undermine Davis’ campaign without having the balls to admit it.

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  3. redqueen (1,782 comments) says:

    The irony is that getting respect from your opponents says far more ‘positive’ about the man than all the derision of his ‘friends’. Alas, he seems to be condemned for what otherwise should be a proud achievement.

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  4. Richard (69 comments) says:

    I’m sure the publicity he got from your donation/his response was worth a whole lot more than $100. So wins all round!

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  5. Linda Reid (379 comments) says:

    I have been out and about in Whangarei today and I did see a few signs of Kelvin’s.

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  6. PaulL (6,061 comments) says:

    He doesn’t get respect from his opponents. He’s politically convenient to National, so they’re carefully avoiding pointing out that he’s still a cloth carrying socialist. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, and it pays to remember that. He is simply a lesser evil.

    I think mostly DPF is living up to the “fomenting happy mischief” part of his tag line, not genuinely supporting Kelvin.

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  7. Sir Cullen's Sidekick (1,307 comments) says:

    I just cannot believe this. Horny Hone was on Radio Live talking about principles in politics. Unfortunately the host (I think it was Marcus Lush) was blaming Kelvin Davis for having a big ego. Horny Hone was basically saying Davis is being funded by National and hence he should either leave the race or quit from Labour and stand as a National candidate. Here is a traitor, sold his people, his movement for $3M to a fraudster talking about policies, principles and making difference to poor people. It makes my stomach churn to see Minty Minto dancing with the fraudster or a stage.

    Very simple – throw money and these people will sell their souls. Mother Laila is a great example of this. They don’t have any right to criticise John Key or National.

    Unfortunately the Rogue Morgan poll came with a completely different result to that of the four major polls that came just a week before. The left wing nutters are now hanging onto Rogue Morgan poll and jumping around as if the clown has already won the election.

    If the clown is able to attract only 12 people for an election meeting in South Auckland, I think Labour is in serious trouble. But the bribes are coming (free bus ride, what next, free air travel for oldies?)….so watch out…..I still believe Clown will announce that all student loans will be wiped out just a day before election.

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  8. kowtow (13,237 comments) says:


    Spot on.

    Don’t see how the blue team could be so enamoured by a guy who calls Banks “far right” and who has played the race and colonial oppressor card so hard.

    Just another labourite racist if you ask me.But at the moment useful to the blue team to embarras Krim as well as Cunners.

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  9. Warren Murray (400 comments) says:

    Sadly, Kelvin is being shafted by his own side. Disgraceful, but that’s politics.

    As for Cunliffe promising that Internet-Mania wont be in his government, Garner said yesterday that Cunliffe would certainly do a deal if he had too. duplicitous labour don’t have the integrity to tell the truth to Kelvin or the electorate.

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