Labour’s Auckland Council policy

August 15th, 2014 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

points out:

leader David Cunliffe’s tough talk today around future local government amalgamations does not hide the fact that ’s 2011 policies to overhaul Auckland’s “over centralised and corporatised  super city” have all been dropped, infuriating those on the Left hoping for further changes, says Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer.

“Mr Cunliffe’s roaring like a lion about proposed and future local government amalgamations, but when it comes to further reforming the super city structure that Labour promised three years ago, he’s turned into a big pussycat.”

Mr Brewer said in 2011 Labour’s manifesto vowed to “fix the super city’s democracy” including enshrining local board powers, replacing the Independent Maori Statutory Board with elected Maori seats, abolishing “a corporatised” Auckland Transport, and reviewing all laws and structures pertaining to ’s governance and democracy. Back in 2011 Labour was also promising to tie in central government plans with Auckland’s priorities by promising to establish a “Common Accountability Platform for Auckland”.

“Labour’s policy pertaining to Auckland Council this election has been watered down to absolutely nothing which rest assured will be upsetting a lot of centre-left local body elected representatives,” he says.

“Labour shouts that it does not want another Government-imposed corporate-like model like Auckland’s, however Mr Cunliffe is no longer prepared to change anything to do with the super city. 

“Rather, despite all the bravado, Labour is now standing completely aside when it comes to Auckland. The most Labour is now promising is to encourage the council to hold some kind of public inquiry into how Auckland should be governed in the future. No promises of greater powers for local boards, scrapping the IMSB, or repealing super city legislation this election.

“It’s embarrassing for Mr Cunliffe that all his tough talk on local government amalgamations nationwide completely excludes anything changing in the super city – a model that Labour still claims to despise,” says Cameron Brewer

Brewer provides the two policies to compare:

The Labour Party’s 2014 Auckland local government policy: “Restore the power to Auckland Council to decide on its own structures for the delivery of transport and roading services, on which CCOs it retains, affirmation of the roles of Pacific, Ethnic and others, and on land use and housing planning and provision.  We will encourage Auckland Council to hold a full public inquiry into how best Auckland should be governed in the future.”

The Labour Party’s 2011 manifesto: “Labour will fix the super city’s democracy: enshrine powers of local boards, transition from the appointed Maori Statutory board to elected Maori seats, repeal the law that imposes a corporatised transport agency, and review the governance and democracy laws and structures after two years. Labour will set up a Common Accountability Platform for Auckland – Ministers, officials, and representatives of central government will agree common priorities with Auckland Mayor and Council, and ensure better, fairer better alignment between Aucklanders’ voices and needs, council capabilities, national policy and budget commitments.”

So their policy now is to basically ask the Council to have a public inquiry!

14 Responses to “Labour’s Auckland Council policy”

  1. freedom101 (735 comments) says:

    Cunliffe in Napier last week promising to reverse or stop any local body amalgamation. This led Lower Hutt mayor Ray Wallace to suggest that people in the Hutt should vote Labour as a way of stopping Wellington amalgamation. This might be a good idea, first if you opposed amalgamations and secondly if you believed David Cunliffe. The latter is an almost impossible ask.

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  2. redqueen (1,782 comments) says:

    Well, so far the ‘supercity’ has been a right disaster and I don’t see it getting any better. Anyone know of any practical campaigning for a free Rodney? I am tired of hearing the new ways Auckland council is going to waste my money and about Len Brown. And I haven’t heard anyone say it’s good that we’ve joined Auckland; this is one area that National really stuffed up: we should have been left alone.

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  3. anonymouse (891 comments) says:

    Speaking of Auckland and the Labour Party, I came across this hyprocracy this morning on the SKypath, ( a Cycling and pederstiran clip on for the harbour bridge, which will be built by private funders and tolled

    Phil Twyford said ”it seems like the organisers have put together a PPP that could work and I don’t see any need to interfere with that”.

    So labour accept that PPPs are fine for a cycle/walking path, but opposes them for anything else !!!,

    I’m simply dumstruck that they have such a flexible policy, when until now they have been verhimently opposed to them all

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  4. lastmanstanding (1,734 comments) says:

    The fact is the Auckland City is stuffed. If it were a corporate the liquidators would in. The only reason it continues to have a credit rating is its ability to keep raising money via rates to the point it can seize and sell a ratepayers property if they wont/don’t pay.
    Tell me another entity that enjoys that monopolistic power.

    The rate payers have been conned big time. Every amalgamation and Ive been thru three over the past 24 years East Coast Borough Council to North Shore City Council to Auckland Council has led to two outcomes. Increased rates and decreased services.

    Residential Rates in Auckland City have rise over 300% of the inflation rate in the past 24 years since the first amalgamation.

    Bigger is not only not better it is far far worse as the facts prove.

    And now in Auckland we have a dysfunctional Council led by a dysfunctional Mayor all determined to rate and waste their way to the next elections knowing all of them will be thrown out by the long suffering ratepayer.

    Anyone but the encumbents will be the cry come 2016.

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  5. martinh (1,460 comments) says:

    I just heard Cunliffe on Radiolive, hes comes across so awful, I can so understand why there is an ABC club.
    Hes probably National best weapon, bring on the debates when people have even more exposure to him im sure Labour will get into the sub 20% range

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  6. mikenmild (23,667 comments) says:

    ‘Anyone know of any practical campaigning for a free Rodney?’
    So far as I know, Rodney Hide has yet to be imprisoned for the crime of creating the super city.

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  7. Nigel Kearney (1,994 comments) says:

    It is punishment enough that he has to live there and experience the horrible and entirely foreseeable consequences of his actions.

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  8. johnwellingtonwells (137 comments) says:

    Pukekohe never had a parking problem in its main shopping street area. Now we have pairs of parking officers going around ticketing cars for expired regos as a money grabbing exercise and hardly ever for exceeding the grnerous time limit. The effect is to drive shoppers away from the central area, to the shopping centres that offer their own parking and thses goons are banned from operating there

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  9. publicwatchdog (5,631 comments) says:

    A tiny group of us opposed the ‘Supercity for the 1%’ literally from Day One.

    Folks FINALLY getting it now?

    The ‘Supercity for the 1%’ was always about bigger contracts for fewer but bigger private contractors.

    It was always a CORRUPT CORPORATE COUP – follow the dollar …..

    The mechanism for this corporate takeover was the Corporate Controlled Organisations (CCOs), the model was forced upon citizens and ratepayers after being railroaded through Parliament, our lawful right to a binding vote on ‘amalgamation’ was completely ignored.

    Who are the main corporate welfare beneficiaries of this ‘Supercity for the 1%’? membership (for some background research – including why I have refused to pay rates (which REALLY upsets the gutless, bleating sheepish Kiwibloggers! You know who you are.

    Kind regards,

    Penny Bright

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  10. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    Penny If John Banks was mayor we wouldnt have all these problems.

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  11. Mark (1,614 comments) says:

    Just another case of Cunliffe making stupid proclamations because he knows he will never have to implement them, this is the same tactic used by all of the minor parties.

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  12. Mark (1,614 comments) says:

    Penny the non ratepayer. You want to bludge of all the hard working ratepayers of Auckland and then you have the effrontery to want the poor sods to vote for you for mayor. Takes all types I suppose.

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  13. publicwatchdog (5,631 comments) says:

    Check out the UNPAID research I do and the HARD questions I ask – that nobody else does?

    Now – stop whining.

    (Meant of course in a caring way 🙂

    Penny Bright

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  14. howitis (576 comments) says:

    Know thy enemy.
    CCO is for Council Controlled Organisation not Corporate Controlled Organisation.

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