PRIME TV’s “Back Benches” 27 August 2014

August 25th, 2014 at 10:09 pm by Kokila Patel

THIS WEEK ON PRIME TV’s “”-ELECTION 2014: Watch Wallace Chapman, Damian Christie, the Panel and special guests discuss the week’s hottest topics!

SELLING YOURSELF:  The political parties got the chance to show us what they are all about during their opening election statements on Saturday night. But was anyone paying attention with the All-Blacks walloping the Wallabies? Who sold themselves the best? Did the messages come across? What effect did the allocated time and budget have on the parties?

GETTING INTO YOUR FIRST HOME:  National has announced their plan to get kiwis into their first home which has been rubbished by the opposition who each have their own plan. So, who has the right plan? How do we make homes more affordable? Do we need to build more homes? Dip into our kiwisaver? Introduce a Capital Gains Tax?

There are two ways to get in on the political pub action:
First, you can join the live audience in Wellington’s iconic Backbencher Pub on Wednesday, 27th of August at 6pm. Filming begins around 6:15pm.

Or watch us that night on PRIME TV at 10:30pm!

Plus, Follow us on Facebook (BackBenchesTV) or on Twitter @BackBenchesTV.

Our Panel: Green Party Candidate for Wellington Central James Shaw, Labour Candidate for Rotorua Tamati Coffey, Maori Party Candidate for Ikaroa Rawhiti Marama Fox and National Candidate for Taranaki-King Country Barbara Kuriger.

” This show is shaping up to be essential election year viewing ” – Paul Casserly, NZ Herald 3/6/14

6 Responses to “PRIME TV’s “Back Benches” 27 August 2014”

  1. emmess (1,807 comments) says:

    Does anyone know if the opening addresses are on line anywhere?
    I couldn’t find them on YouTube.

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  2. flash2846 (320 comments) says:

    No different from The Nation and Q&A. The panel over-represented by the loony left with a host who leans so far left he cannot walk straight. Add to that the left wing audience and what should we expect?
    Don’t put yourselves through it.

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  3. Left Right and Centre (4,389 comments) says:

    One thing that gets me is that the left wing parties get more voices. National get one voice against two Green / Labour voices. National speak with 50% support. Green / Labour speak with less than 50% support between them. But count two voices to one. Ah yeah. Sound fair ?

    I don’t know what a good answer is to that one.

    Like so many things in life that are hard to reconcile feelings towards – I both love and loathe Back Benches.

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  4. the deity formerly known as nigel6888 (773 comments) says:

    bunch of complete nobodies, bound to be compelling viewing…..

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  5. G152 (1,811 comments) says:

    Tv ‘journalism’ at its worst.
    Ego driven and fact free

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  6. Tauhei Notts (2,356 comments) says:

    I would like to watch Back Benchers, but the host, Wallace Chapman, drives me to drink. He is that bad. I find that I have an awful hangover after watching that programme.
    I would be pleased if the producers could find a reasonable person to host the show. The concept is great. The host is unmentionable.

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