The idiocy of those who demonise the rich


I’ve borrowed this from NBR, as it is so good, it needs more eyeballs. It is written by Chris Keall.

Nigel Latta on his taxpayer funded show moaned about how awful it is that those on the have got richer. I can only presume he thinks their wealth should be confiscated off them and given to solo mums, or some such.

Keall makes the point that the growth in the rich list isn’t coming from people who have inherited wealth. It is often coming from entrepreneurs who have been successful in producing goods or services that people want. They have created jobs, boosted export earnings, and provided great services to families and businesses.

I don’t mind people advocating that we should do more to help vulnerable families. But I almost detest those who think it is a bad thing that people have been successful and got richer, and shock horror, even got richer. They seem to have a mindset that their success has come at the expense of others, and they should be forced to give it up.

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