Who was Gerd?

Stuff reported:

files smuggled out of Russia reveal a former Labour MP was an informant for the feared Soviet spy agency and was given the codename “Gerd”.

The Mitrokhin files say an unnamed Labour MP, born in England in 1926, was in contact with Drozhzhin during the KGB agent’s Wellington posting.

He was given the codename “Gerd”, and information passed to the KGB said he was also a member of Labour’s executive committee.

There seem to be two possibilities for Gerd.

The first is a former MP from 1972 to 1975. He was born in 1926 in England and was the MP from 1972 to 1975. It appears he is still alive, and I hasten to say there is absolutely no proof at all he is Gerd, beyond the coincidence of date and place of birth.  Also as a one term MP, I doubt he was on Labour’s executive.

The second has been suggested to me by multiple sources. He was a three term MP and was on Labour’s executive off memory. He was born a bit before 1926 and in NZ, which makes it unlikely. But there were media reports in the 1970s about the SIS taking an interest in him.  He is also alive.

We may never know who Gerd is, which is a pity.

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