70% of eligible family disputes now solved out of court

Amy Adams announced:

Almost 70 per cent of family disputes referred to mediation involving children are being settled out of court a year on from the Government’s family justice reforms says Justice Minister Amy Adams.

The reforms, which have been in effect for a year tomorrow, place out-of-court community-based resolution services at the heart of the system to resolve family disputes about the care of children.

Much better than forcing parents to rush to court.

“FDR is proving highly successful, of the 905 disputes referred to FDR in the last year, 68 per cent of mediations resolved all matters, and a further 18 per cent resolved some matters. 

“Almost seven out of ten disputes referred to mediation are being resolved without having to go to court which is reducing the inevitable stress children and families face when their parents separate.  It also means the can now focus on the most difficult cases, especially those involving family violence, that require judicial expertise,” says Ms Adams.

A win-win.


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