Best and worst jobs

Time Magazine has a list of best and worst based on income, outlook, stress, physical demands etc.

The Worst Jobs of 2015:

1. Newspaper reporter
2. Lumberjack
3. Enlisted military personnel
4. Cook
5. Broadcaster
6. Photojournalist
7. Corrections officer
8. Taxi driver
9. Firefighter
10. Mail carrier

Ouch – three of the worst 10 are all in media. It is worse to be a newspaper reporter than a lumberjack (a job which often has large trees falling on you).

Even garbage collector is only 21st to bottom. Dairy farmer is 18th bottom. Police officer 14th bottom.

The Best Jobs of 2015

1. Actuary
2. Audiologist
3. Mathematician
4. Statistician
5. Biomedical engineer
6. Data scientist
7. Dental hygienist
8. Software engineer
9. Occupational therapist
10. Computer systems analyst

Kids – go do maths!

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