We are already very generous to older students

Stuff reports:

A mature Southland student believes older people wanting to retrain are being discriminated against after learning students over 55 are not eligible for some benefits.

Students over 55 can receive the student allowance, but they cannot receive course-related or living costs benefits available to younger students.

This put the over-55s at a disadvantage when trying to better themselves, 63-year-old Ashley King said.

I despair at the view that taxpayers should fund everything in society, including 63 year olds wanting to do a BA or the like.

First of all a 63 year old should have some savings, compared to an 18 year old.

Secondly an 18 year old will probably world for a further 45 years, making investing in their education a good economic prospect. A 63 year old may only work for two to seven more years.

But even with that, we are still very generous to over 55s wanting to study.

  • They get the 75% or so subsidy on course costs paid for by the taxpayer.
  • They can get a student allowance
  • They can get interest free loans for course fees

That is extremely generous.


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