2015 Press Freedom Debate

From Brent Edwards:

The EPMU Debate will be held at the Backbencher Pub on Thursday, May 7. Doors open at 5pm but the fun debate itself will start about 7.15 to 7.30pm.

The debate will raise money for the Media Safety and Solidarity Fund which supports press freedom and journalists’ safety in the Asia-Pacific region. Specifically the fund helps pay the education costs of about 100 children of journalists murdered in the Philippines and about 20 children of journalists murdered in Nepal. We have just agreed to fund a similar project in Pakistan.

The moot is: That only new MPs have anything worthwhile to say.

The affirmative: Chris Bishop, James Shaw, Marama Fox
The negative: Peter Dunne, Metiria Turei, Chris Hipkins
The chair: Carol Hirschfeld

The tickets cost $25 each.

Contact me on brent.edwards@radionz.co.nz

I’ve been to a few of these (and even been in one of the teams) and they’re usually pretty funny (and rude) affairs.