Jones on lefties

writes in the NZ Herald:

Embittered old lefties still amusingly rant on about our greatest postwar Government, the 1984 Labour Administration. …

The old diehard left survivors pose a threat to our political process, insofar as (to the despair of their political wing) they currently control the Labour Party, still our alternative Government.

Tony Blair shook them loose in the early 1990s, recognising he could never prevail otherwise. This dilemma confronts Andrew Little who cannot sustain acceptance on the sole grounds of not being Cunliffe.

Waiting for the inevitable pendulum swing also won’t do it as the danger exists of other parties filling the opposition void.

Indeed, this is National’s best hope for a fourth term, namely voters’ disdain for a fragmented coalition alternative.

No poll shows Labour/Greens coming close. At best they would need Labour, Greens and NZ First and the fact NZ First and Greens are diametrically opposed on many issues means it would be far from stable.

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