Let Greece default

The Herald reports:

Like a spoilt child and an angry parent locked in an experiment of tough love, and its creditors are embroiled once more in a tug-of-war whose stakes are the future of the debt-ridden country and maybe the euro itself.

By May 9, Greece’s hard-left Government has declared, a deal will emerge to unlock €7.2 billion ($10.22 billion) in fresh credit and keep the economy afloat.

Without it, Greece will default and may even exit the eurozone, triggering the greatest challenge to Europe’s single currency in its 13-year history.

It’s near inevitable. Greece seems to think the rest of Europe should pay its bills. Let them have their own currency.

Let a bankrupt Greece be held up for the next few decades of what happens when you elect Governments that just increase spending and debt, and then can’t even pay the interest on its debt.

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