Party submissions to the 2014 election inquiry

Some interesting submissions to the 2014 general election inquiry.


  • Against prohibition on parties purchasing broadcasting advertising
  • Makes a case that Electoral Commission did not allocate broadcasting funds appropriately


  • Proposes cutting off welfare to people who don’t enrol
  • Wants enrolment on election day itself
  • People should be able to enrol on the Maori roll even if they do not indicate they are of Maori descent!
  • Wants the broadcasting allocation extended to all mediums (ie a general allowance for advertising)
  • Scrap TV opening and closing broadcasts


  • Supports restrictions on campaigning at polling places during advance voting
  • Look at changing boundary reviews from every five years (post census) to every six years (the year after every second election)
  • Increase electorate population tolerance from 5%

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