Relationships Aotearoa just one of many providers

The Herald reports:

Embattled counselling service says it has been forced to shut its doors by the end of the week, leaving its vulnerable clients feeling betrayed.

Funding negotiations with the Government to keep the service open fell through this week.

Barnardos, Family Works, Stand Children’s Services and Lifeline have now agreed to take on the service’s clients.

All reputable organisations. The Government funds services, not organisations. One has to ask why other organisations could provide services at the level they are funded for, but not Relationships Aotearoa.

Stuff reported:

Relationships Aotearoa is thought to provide counselling services to about 7000 clients, and receives close to $8 million a year from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Ministry of Justice and Corrections Department. It had failed to deliver on up to 30 per cent of its contracts. 

Well that is unacceptable.

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