Game of Thrones season finale (spoilers)


Yay half of Stannis’ men defect. Some justice.

Did not see his wife killing herself. Very sad.

Yes yes yes Brienne kills Stannis. Justice at last. She avenges Renly. Or did she spare him?

Reek rediscovers himself – finally!

Arya gets revenge also, and crosses one of her list. But the wrath of the many faced God is nasty.

A great scene where Jaime tries to tell Marcella about him and Cersei and she stops him and reveals she knows he is her father. But then she apparently dies, poisoned.

Cersei gets to do the walk of shame. I suspect revenge not atonement will be on her mind after this. Don’t know how she resisted turning around and punching the woman yelling shame the whole way. Such a powerful scene.

And is the new Kingsguard The Mountain reincarnated?

And finally Jon Snow is slaughtered by his own men. This was in the book so not as shocking to me as to some. However as it was at the end of the 5th book, it was not clear if he actually was dead. But the TV series makes it clear he is dead, and like Caesar finished off someone close to him.

This death poses a huge challenge to the overall plot. Everyone assumed he was a Targaryen and would be one of the three Targaryens to fight the Others with dragons. If he is dead (and stays dead) then maybe the other two are Cersei and Jaime rather than Tyrion?

So many major characters killed off. Best episode ever!

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