What a surprise – Winston was all talk and no action

The Herald reports:

More than two months after the byelection the electorate’s new MP Winston Peters is yet to make any approaches on the promise he made to introduce SuperGold Card free ferry travel in the Bay of Islands and Hokianga.

At a public meeting in Paihia two days before the byelection, Mr Peters was asked about the lack of GoldCard concessions in the north. He said it was unfair Aucklanders benefited from free ferry rides to Waiheke and Northlanders should get the same for Paihia-Russell and Rawene to Kohukohu.

“I’ll get you a Gold Card across there. But it goes like this: you’ve got to vote for us first.”

Northlanders kept their side of that bargain but Mr Peters admitted yesterday he had not yet approached ministers about the SuperGold Card or sought to have the ferry rides included in this year’s Budget.

It’s coming soon!

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