Why Brook Sabin is so annoying

Normally when someone writes an article on how annoying you are, it is not your boss. But when your boss is also very annoying, then it means it is high praise.

So Patrick Gower writes on why Brook Sabin is so annoying. His summary:

  • Got Pam Corkery to call him a puffed up little shit
  • Told Colin Craig his press secretary had quit, live
  • Got Judith Collins to lose her temper
  • Uses the OIA so much Tony Ryall remarked “It is nice to know you actually exist, I thought you were a robot that just spits out OIAs”

The part I want to especially praise is his OIA use. Good political journalists should be using the OIA constantly. It is a good way to dig up stories, and find news that others don’t know about.

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