Let’s see it in a controlled environment

The Herald reports:

A girl who claims to be able to read while blindfolded has given a demonstration in Rotorua – part of an effort to spread awareness of the benefits of having your ‘third eye’ awakened.

The third eye, also known as the inner eye, is described as an invisible eye which believers claim provides perception beyond ordinary sight and is a gateway to higher consciousness.

It is believed through the awakening of the third eye, a person can see while blindfolded, sense ‘diseased organs’ in a body and read minds, among other superhuman powers.

The demonstration was hosted by the Rotorua Life Bliss Foundation group at Waiariki Institute of Technology yesterday, and was attended by about 30 people.

Ma Nithya Maheshwarananda, 12, from Dallas, USA, was was blindfolded .

Members of the audience gave her various reading material, including a business card, a flyer and a Rotorua Daily Post article – all of which she read aloud word-for-word.

At least two people, including a Rotorua Daily Post photographer, tested the blindfold and said they could not see through it in any direction.

Here’s an idea. Let’s see if she can do it in a controlled environment. Where one can check for video cameras, ear pieces, no one else in the room bar neutral scientists.

If under those conditions, she can do it, then she’s going to the most famous person on the planet.

She said she had attended the three-week programme.

“I can read while blindfolded but if I am put on the spot or feel too much pressure, I can’t do it, I need to practise more to be able to block out those insecurities and baggage.”

ie can only do it when you have arranged the circumstances.


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