Now they’re after the takeaways!

The Herald reports:

A nutritionist has dubbed a 3km stretch of road featuring more than 30 fast-food options “Heart Attack Alley”.

Lincoln Road in Henderson, West Auckland, offers an astonishing 34 fast-food options, at least 24 of which could be considered unhealthy. This does not include numerous takeaways off the main drag.

And a new development under construction near the Northwestern Motorway will soon offer even more – Texas Chicken, Miami Grill and Mexicali have moved in and developers are advertising spaces for kebab, pizza, noodle, Chinese and Italian food joints, as well as a cafe and bakery.

Nutritionist David Hill described it as a “shocking commentary on our wonderfully developed first-world country”.

“I don’t think it would be going too far to call it Heart Attack Alley – call it what it is. If it’s going to be contributing to people’s blood pres-sure, size and cholesterol going up then it’s going to cause heart attacks and strokes.”

Yes it is disgraceful that people can buy food I don’t approve of.

“If Mr or Mrs Average has spent the last eight hours at work and has had a really hard day, it becomes so much easier to go to the drive-through and wind down the window with their little finger and in comes a whole bunch of energy-dense food that’s high in fat, sugar or salt – potentially all three – and low in nutrients, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.”

We must ban drive throughs! The workers do not have the intelligence to decide for themselves.

Henderson-Massey local board chairwoman Vanessa Neeson was stunned by the number of takeaway outlets in her neighbourhood.

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it because anyone is able to submit a resource consent and if they tick all the boxes then they can open. But it’s a problem, that’s for sure.

Yes that is disgraceful. Unlike the beloved pioneers of Eastern Europe, anyone can set up a food shop and sell anything. This must be stopped.

Lincoln Rd kebab shop owner Etem Koksal says people make their own choices about what they eat – but even he wouldn’t recommend having too many kebabs each week.

Exactly. It is idiocy to claim any one form of food is bad and must be banned, regulated or not promoted. It is all about size and frequency. A kebab a week is great. A kebab twice a day, is not.


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