NZ 7th best reputation

The Herald reports:

New Zealand has increased its ranking to seventh in a list assessing the reputations of 55 countries. Last year it was eighth.

Canada has beaten last year’s leader Switzerland to top the 2015 “RepTrak” rankings, issued by the Reputation Institute, which has offices in many countries.

Since the survey began in 2010, Canada has ranked first all but two years and has not been placed lower than second.

The institute gathered information online for its rankings from more than 48,000 people in G8 countries. It says this enables it to “measure the public’s perception of 55 countries based on three dimensions: effective government, appealing environment, and advanced economy.

“Countries with strong reputations are perceived positively in all three dimensions.”

The top 10 are:

  1. Canada 78.1
  2. Norway 77.1
  3. Sweden 76.6
  4. Switzerland 76.4
  5. Australia 76.3
  6. Finland 75.1
  7. New Zealand 75.0
  8. Denmark 74.5
  9. Netherlands 73.7
  10. Belgium 72.3

The bottom five countries are Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and Nigeria.

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