Remove the kids

The Herald reports:

A mother who refused a blood test after police suspected she was driving drunk while dropping her child at school has pleaded guilty to refusing to give a blood sample and dangerous driving.

Beverly Hale also pleaded guilty two mistreatment charges which relate to her children not wearing seatbelts at the time of the offending.

with kids in the car, and not wearing seatbelts. This must come close to reckless endangerment.

Hale was seen driving erratically along Wall Rd at 9am on May 6.

A concerned driver followed the woman to Hastings Central School, where Hale struck a parked car while trying to do a U-turn.

She had just dropped off her child at the school gate when police arrived.

Her other child, who was preschool-aged, was still in the back seat of the car and wasn’t restrained.

She was taken to Hastings Police Station, where she was processed for drink-driving and refused to have a blood sample taken.

I suspect the kids would be better off with a parent who doesn’t drive them drunk to school.

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