Strange incentives!

USA Today reports:

An anti-gay political party in has vowed to greet President Obama when he visits later this week with 5,000 “totally naked” male and female protesters.

They aim to express dismay over Obama’s recent support for gay rights and impress upon him the difference between a man and a woman — a difference Obama will no doubt be able to absorb when not shielding his eyes.

And who will these 5,000 people be?

Where will they find 5,000 people willing to let it all hang out in the name of homophobia? According to Republican Liberty Party leader Kidaha Vincent, the party will be supplementing its numbers with volunteer sex workers. He claims the sex workers have agreed to work free of charge because they are afraid they will lose work if homosexuality is legalized.

Heh they’re like the taxi drivers protesting Uber – against cheaper competition.

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