The lengths some will go to, to rort the system

Stuff reports:

A worker at a food processing plant deliberately poured chemicals into his own boots, a judge has ruled.

The man’s payments were halted after a ruling found the “only plausible” way the worker could have received serious chemical burns to his feet was if it was self-inflicted.

The man was a machine operator at the plant in 2012 when he suffered the burns, caused by ‘Glissen’, a commercial cleaning agent containing high levels of sodium hydroxide.

A judgment made by Judge Grant Powell last month stated it was the third time the man had suffered burns by Glissen.

The earlier incidents occurred in March and April, 2007. The second of these resulted in fifth degree burns and led to the amputation of the toes on his left foot as well as a long period off work, during which he was provided ACC cover. He returned to his job in November 2011.

So it seems he first poured chemicals onto himself in March 2007. Didn’t do enough of a job, so he did it again a month later and got ACC for four and a half years, and then did it a third time a few months after returning to work.

A long time since I’ve heard of fifth degree burns, as you often don’t survive them. The description is:

Fifth and sixth degree burns are most often diagnosed during an autopsy. The damage goes all the way to the bone and everything between the skin and the bone is destroyed. It is unlikely that a person would survive this type of injury but if a miracle occurred then amputation of the affected area would be necessary.

How could you do that, just to get off work?

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