What happens if Parliament is wiped out?

A reader asked what would happen if was hit by an earthquake on Opening Day when all MPs and the Governor-General were present, and died.

I know the Civil Defence plan is to move it to Devonport Naval Base. But who would be the Government?

My guess is that the unsucessful List candidates would automatically become MPs to replace the dead List MPs. They would have to form a Government until the 71 by-elections could be held. So who would form the Government if this did happen?


15 DAVIDSON, Marama Mere-Ana
16 COATES, Robert Barry Hobson
17 HART, John Stuart
18 KENNEDY, David John
19 ELLEY, Jeanette Susan
20 McDONALD, Jack Baxter
21 MOORHOUSE, David Peter
23 LECKINGER, Richard John
25 RUTHVEN, Susanne Marie
26 MOORE, Teresa Janet
27 LANGSBURY, Dora Roimata
28 WOODLEY, Tane Hohepa


15 STREET, Maryan
17 MACKEY, Moana Lynore
21 HUO, Raymond
25 JONES, Rachel Anne

Maori Party

3 McKENZIE, Christopher Owen


52 PUGH, Maureen Helena
53 TURNER-TUPOU, Fia Taemanu
63 WALFORD, Wayne Douglas
64 BROWN, Simeon Peter
65 WALKER, Hamish
66 HOLDEN, Lewis
67 VARLEY, Karl Daniel
68 PENK, Christopher Aidan
69 COOPER, Linda Ann
70 O’DWYER, Letitia Marie
71 BRIDGES, Mark
72 SOKRATOV, Boris
73 EVETTS, Matthew Zane
74 O’FALLON, Carolyn Elisabeth
75 LITTLEWOOD, Charlotte

NZ First

13 PARORO, Mataroa
14 RUDZKI, Romuald Edward John
15 REEVES, Jon Blaiklock
16 LOLE-TAYLOR, Asenati
17 CATCHPOLE, Brent Stanley
18 ABRAHAM, George
19 DOLMAN, Raymond
20 BARR, Hugh
22 CAMPBELL, Steven Robert
23 PERRY, Edwin Jock

So the temporary Parliament would be:

National 15
Greens 14
NZ First 11
Labour 5
Maori Party 1

You’d need 24 votes to govern, so NZ First would hold the balance of power!

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