Corbyn advocated Argentina be allowed joint administration of Falklands

The Telegraph reports:

has been accused by veteran Simon Weston of “repugnant surrender” to Argentina for suggesting it should be given the right to jointly govern the Mr Corbyn, who opposed the invasion, said that there has to be a move towards “real peace” and that Britain must open a “dialogue” with Argentina over the future of the islands.

He said that under the arrangement the Falklands could retain their British nationality while a joint administration is put in place.

The comments were severely criticised by Mr Weston, who suffered 46 per cent burns after the RFA Sir Galahad was bombed during the 1982 conflict.

Mr Weston said: “It is a repugnant idea. I don’t see why it should happen given that the Argentines never had the islands. They have no right to them.

“It could cause civil war again by emboldening the Argentinians. It frightens me enormously because he claims to be such a supporter of democratic freedoms while what he is suggesting throwing the Falkland islanders right to democracy out.

“I don’t ever see him winning an election because his policies and his attitudes just won’t wash with the British public.”

It is up to the people of the Falklands to decide who they want to be governed by. In their 2013 referendum, 99.8% of the population voted to remain British, on a turnout of 91.9%. But Corbyn would ignore that, and give Argentina joint control.

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