Fiorina emerges

The Washington Post reports:

took the stage at a conservative summit here Friday to a standing ovation, her first of four. She smirked and said: “I think we kind of won last night. What do you think?”

Fiorina spent the day traveling, bouncing between television interviews, taking selfies, fielding calls from giddy supporters and trying to capi­tal­ize on her highly praised performance in a debate for lower-tier Republican presidential candidates Thursday night.

The two things that I have heard time and time again were about Donald Trump attacking Megyn Kelly, and Fiorina doing very well in the lower-tier debate.

Here on Friday afternoon, a reporter asked Fiorina why she criticized Trump for being cozy with the Clintons when she was a featured speaker at an event hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative. Fiorina’s eyes narrowed as she stared down the reporter.

“So, you really don’t understand the difference between getting a personal phone call from Bill Clinton and showing up at a conference?” she said.

A great answer.

That became the focus of an interview Fiorina did that night as a guest on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” — a show many Republicans avoid in favor of Fox News Channel appearances. Matthews asked Fiorina why she would paint a possible opponent as an all-out liar.

“I was very specific, very fact-based — actually, you were the one who has made a generalized comment about her,” Fiorina said, refusing to let Matthews cut back in while rattling off critiques of Clinton.

Some of Fiorina’s most devoted followers point to that interview as more of a success than the debate.

Clinton will be the Democratic candidate and Fiorina may be the Republican who can make the strongest case against her.

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