Gould prescribes Corbyn for NZ Labour


For New Zealand students of current affairs, the contest for the leadership of the UK Labour Party involves four names that will mean little – and, in that, they will not be too different from observers of the contest in Britain itself. Yet, the emergence of one of the four candidates – – as the unexpected front-runner is worth a second look, not least for the lessons it might offer to left-of-centre parties around the globe. …

The Corbyn economic policy platform, in other words, is comfortably in line with what is fast becoming the new consensus – less doctrinaire and more common sense than the old orthodoxy. Whether these factors will actually produce a Corbyn leadership remains to be seen, but he has certainly revitalised the party and enthused potential Labour voters. By opening up a long overdue debate, he has redefined the political landscape and offered new hope to those who have been conditioned to believe that “there is no alternative”.

Labour leaders elsewhere, not least in New Zealand, will – or should – be watching closely.

I strong endorse what Bryan Gould is saying. I think NZ Labour should watch closely and elect their most left-wing rebellious MP as leader, declare solidarity with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA, and propose economic policies that even in the 1970s would have been to the extreme left.

You will be wildly successful, and win the next election convincingly.

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