Red zone rebels costing ratepayers $42,000 each

Stuff reports:

Christchurch red zone stayers say they have no intention of moving despite city council plans that may cut back key services such as roading, water and wastewater.

A staff report recommends decommissioning infrastructure no longer needed and reviewing services to residents still living in the Brooklands and Avon red zones to save money.

The report, which will go to councillors on Thursday, says maintaining red zone infrastructure costs about $260,000 a month and last year cost $3.1 million.

About 74 red zone houses are still occupied by people who did not accept the Crown’s buyout offer after the earthquakes, the council estimates.

So each red zone rebel is soaking up $42,000 from other ratepayers. A very easy decision.

Jan Burney, one of about 25 people who have decided to stay in Brooklands, said she had no plans to leave.

That’s fine – just don’t expect subsidies from others.

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