So does this means we should sack Corrections and hand them over to Serco?

Stuff reports:

The Department of has been criticised for failing to provide proper medical care for two inmates, one of whom eventually died.

The dead man, a Spring Hill inmate in his 50s with a range of health problems, complained of pain for weeks before he was eventually diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013.

He went into hospice care and later died.

Corrections have since apologised to the man’s partner.

If this was a private prison, Labour and the unions would be demanding that the prison operator be sacked, and that the prison management be transferred to the state.

As this death occurred in a public prison, will anyone make a fuss, and demand it be handed over to say a private operator?

My point is that neither public nor private operators get it entirely right. I want a level playing field where they are judged equally on the results, not slammed by politicians only if they are privately managed.

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