The Scott Watson interview

Stuff reports:

A journalist’s bid to interview convicted double-killer behind bars has been approved, but a date is yet to be set. 

Department of Corrections deputy chief executive corporate services Vincent Arbuckle on Friday confirmed that an application from journalist Michael White was approved.

I predict Scott Watson will say he is innocent, and someone else did it.

This will make major media headlines as newspapers rush to report the shocking news that someone in prison has claimed they are innocent.

I also predict the interview will not ask Watson about his 48 previous convictions, or his assault conviction during his time in prison.

I further predict media stories will not focus much on:

  • the unanimous verdict at the High Court
  • the Court of Appeal finding no grounds for a retiral
  • The Privy Council finding the same
  • The  Independent Police Conduct Authority finding none of the many failings alleged by his supporters had a significant bearing on the outcome of the investigation
  • The unsuccessful application for a royal pardon
  • The failed drug tests while in prison
  • The Parole Board advice that Watson represents a very high risk of committing further violent acts if released
  • His tendency to talk when drunk about how much he hated women, and how one day he would kill them (evidence at the trial)

Instead it will all be about Watson claims he is innocent, as if that is newsworthy.


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