You can eat yourself to death

Stuff reports:

At the time of his death, the 37-year-old was living at a supported living home with three others. The accommodation was provided by IDEAS Service, one of our biggest accommodation and support providers for the intellectually disabled.

On April 7, he managed to steal keys, allowing him access to IDEA Services’ food stores, where he gorged himself on at least three loaves of bread, eight buns and 24 muesli bars.

He had Prader Willi Syndrome, symptoms including learning difficulties, and obsessive eating. So it is very sad his care was not better.

I’m amazed that anyone could actually eat that much food. That’s at least 4,500 from the bread, 1,000 from the buns and 5,000 calories from the muesli bars. So he managed to eat five times the recommended daily limit in one session.

An average dinner is around 600 calories, so 10,500 calories is around 17 dinners!

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