Key rules Peters out as co-PM

The Herald reports:

The suggestion that Winston Peters could be prime minister in a job-share agreement if NZ First holds the balance of power is a joke, John Key says.

“[That has the same] chance as me holidaying on the lunar space station, I would have thought – just no chance,” Mr Key said.

National would never ever agree to Peters as a co-PM or sole PM for a short while.

Labour leader Andrew Little has also said any place for Mr Peters in a future Labour-led Government would depend on his support levels, but would not include the position of Prime Minister.

Ms Martin said she disagreed with Mr Little making that call now.

“He doesn’t know who he has got to deal with [after the 2017 election]. It is a silly thing to do, in my view, it is silly to rule things in and out before the vote has taken place. You don’t know what your position is.”

Key would clearly rather leave Parliament than have Peters as Prime Minister. But what will Little do if his only chance of being PM is to allow Peters say a year in the top spot?

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