Send the cops in

The Herald reports:

Protesters occupying Kaitaia Airport have forced a flight carrying five specialist doctors to be cancelled this morning.

Activists moved onto land at the airport at about lunchtime yesterday, cancelling flights into and out of the Far North, in protest against a $100 million Treaty of Waitangi settlement due to be ratified today.

The latest flight cancelled was expected to land at 8.30am with five doctors on board from Whangarei – including one dentist and one pediatrician.

The Police have no choice but to remove the protesters, unless they agree to leave in the very near future.

There are some protests where the best thing is to ignore them, because all they’re doing is sitting on a roof at Parliament, or occupying a park.

But this is a protest which has closed a vital transport hub. Residents are going without specialist health care. It is the equivalent of blocking a road. It is preventing people from going about their jobs, and their travel.

The Police need to show the law applies to all.

And what are the local MPs saying or doing? Winston, Kelvin, Shane and Mark. Do you have nothing to say on the illegal occupation of a vital transport hub.

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