Will Dotcom get an 11th delay?

Stuff reports:

A Court of Appeal judge says the court has been given an “utterly impossible task” in the latest of the many Dotcom cases.

“We are not sure what we are going to do but we are going to do something,” Justice John Wild said, reserving the court’s decision at the end of Tuesday’s hearing.

The hearing to decide whether and three of his business associates are eligible to be extradited to the United States is scheduled to start in the District Court on September 21. It is the tenth time the extradition proceedings have been scheduled to be heard.

Grant Illingworth, QC, lawyer for two of Dotcom’s associates, told the Court of Appeal in Wellington on Tuesday the extradition fixture should again be postponed, until it could take place fairly. He said they were wanting “just a few months”.

Dotcom’s lawyer, Ron Mansfield, said all they wanted was time and fair resources to prepare for the hearing.


Yeah sure, just a few more months. And I guarantee you in three more months they’ll find another reason to seek a another delay.

They keep claiming they have not had enough time to prepare. Well think if all the time they spent on seeking delays in the case, they had spent on actually preparing for it!

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