Will it be Mayor Tim for life?

The Southland Times reports:

Invercargill Mayor will seek a record eighth consecutive term as mayor, but he may have some competition from current councillors.

Councillors Ian Pottinger and Karen Arnold have refused to rule out mounting a challenge, but SIT chief executive Penny Simmonds shot down rumours that she had her eye on the city’s top job.

Pottinger said he gave it some thought over the weekend. 

“It’s definitely not a no, and it’s definitely not a yes. In fact, I was talking about it in the weekend.” 

Candidates should act early, Pottinger said. 

“We’ve really got to start thinking this now. If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it now.

“Our options are open.” 

Most local body elections are about name recognition so incumbents tend to be re-elected unless they do something poorly, or get on the wrong side of a key issue. So Shadbolt will be difficult to beat.

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