“I never met them”

Stuff reports:

Eighteen years on from the murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope, the man convicted of killing them has finally broken his silence. …

In three interviews conducted over three days from Christchurch’s Rolleston Prison, Watson maintained his innocence.

Of his arrest, he said, “I think it was because I had a criminal record and I was [at Furenaux Lodge] alone and I left alone.

“Basically, I was an easy target from them,” he told White, a former Marlborough Express reporter who covered the case from the beginning. “I was the easiest person that they could pick.

“I don’t know where Ben and Olivia are,” he said. “I’ve never met them, never seen them.

“They definitely never came on my boat and I definitely didn’t murder them. And they’ve basically dumped me in jail for half my lifetime, it must be coming up, for something I haven’t done.

I’m shocked. I thought he was going to confess.

Can anyone name a New Zealand murderer who has admitted they did it, unless caught in the act?

Anyway if Watson says they never came on his boat, yet DNA shows hairs from Olivia were on his boat, there seem to be only three possible explanations:

  1. The Police planted the evidence
  2. Ben and Olivia sneaked onto his boat without him knowing
  3. He’s lying


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