Liberty Fest

Students for have organised:

New Zealand’s inaugural conference on all things Liberty! Hosted by Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty, anarkiwi, and friends. It will be at Cotton Lecture Theatre 122 (COLT122) at Victoria University’s Kelburn campus, from 10am until 6pm, with drinks afterwards. This is a one day, general liberty conference to be hosted in Wellington on the fifth of December!

Come for speakers, panels, like-minded liberty lovers, and of course stimulating intellectual thought! Info updates on the facebook event at



Cotton Theatre, Victoria University, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand – View Map

Speakers include:

  • Tim Goggin, economist on digital currencies
  • Jamie Whyte, former ACT Leader on Transsexuals and capital allocation
  • Richard McGrath, former Libertarianz Leader on immigration
  • Don Brash, former National and ACT Leader on economic freedom
  • Jason Jrupp, NZ Initiative on the RMA
  • Jenesa Jeram, NZ Initiative on productivity
  • Aidan Carter on gaming liberties
  • Andie Moore on marriage privatisation

Sounds a great line up of intriguing topics.

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