Moore retires

Stuff reports:

New Zealand’s ambassador to the United States, , will leave his post next month and return to New Zealand.

Moore, a former Prime Minister who went on to be World Trade Organisation director-general, suffered what was described as a “minor stroke” in April of this year.

In a statement to embassy staff on Saturday (NZ time). Moore said he and his wife Yvonne would ” go home content that we did our best”.  

“Pity the old body gave up,” he said.

Mike Moore was hit hard by his stroke, and it is the right decision to put his health ahead of the job.

Moore – who has held the post since 2010 – said he was the longest-serving continuous ambassador to the US. “I didn’t seek this job but felt I should do it because great issues were at stake. The time was ripe for it.”

He said security issues and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement had been major part of the job.

“On a security level things have moved up several notches. You are aware of the many exercises we do together and the important contribution we are making in the struggle against ISIS.

“TPP was the second part of the job and we have worked to getting acceptance for this by Congress.  I believe it will be forthcoming.  It will be a question of time.”

Moore said that in his political life, he had “always been in the wrong place at the wrong time but the mission I was given here was correct and the timing was right”.

Moore has served his country well – as a Minister, as Director-General of the WTO and as an Ambassador.

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