Now that is a work ethic

The Dom Post reports:

They’ve built their lives on the back of books, but it may soon be time for Fay and Bill Far to close a chapter on their Island Bay bookshop.

The Fars’ bookshop, Island Bay Stationers, has been open for 43 years. They are ready to close up shop, but have not decided on a closing date.

Online shopping had caused many bookshops to close, but the reason for closing was simpler than that for the Fars. They were ready to retire.

I grew up in Island Bay and their bookshop was a big part of my childhood. I still pop in occasionally when in Island Bay for other reasons. Almost everyone in Island Bay knows the Fars.

Fay Far, 82, said she and Bill Far, 90, were “much too old” to be running the shop.

Now that is a work ethic – keeping your business going until you turn 90. Amazing.

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