Bullshit story on alcohol not backed by the actual data

First the headline:

Little fear in dearer booze

Then the summary:

Alcoholics say minimum pricing would see them reduce intake, not turn to crime.

But what did the data actually say:

• Survey of 115 detox patients who were dependent on

• On average they had been consuming 24 standard drinks a day, the equivalent of 3 bottles of wine

When asked if their preferred drink became too expensive:

86% said they would switch to a cheaper drink and/or combine their usual drink with something cheaper

• 13% said they would reduce drinking substantially, to continue with their usual drink

So actually the study found that minimum pricing would not in any way reduce alcohol consumption for the vast vast majority of alcoholics. Only 13% say they would drink less if alcohol was much more expensive.

Somehow this damning data is promoted as backing minimum pricing where every single drinker in NZ would have to pay more for alcohol, so that at best 13% of problem drinkers would drink less.

Talk about having a conclusion written regardless of the facts.

There is a huge amount of global evidence that the heavier the drinker the less price sensitive they are. This data back that, not refutes it.

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