Kyle MacDonald

Psychotherapist has been leading the charge for John Key to be removed from being a patron for the White Ribbon Trust because the PM was the recipient of a radio station prank that joked about picking up the soap in the shower.

MacDonald has done press releases, petitions and op eds on it because he is so offended by it.

This is the same Kyle MacDonald who did a very friendly interview with Tom Scott of Homebrew, AFTER Scott had released his song about wanting to rape the PM’s daughter.

I’m not the only one who thinks perhaps politics is at play with a but of a double standard. Do a song about wanting to rape the PM’s daughter and get interviewed on his radio show, while be the recipient of a crass joke by a radio station and you’re deemed unfit.

MacDonald has every right to be inconsistent in his views, and attack the PM. But it would be nice if if wasn’t left to bloggers (in fact I only found out through a commenter in General Debate) to publicise the inconsistency so members of the public are in a better position to decide how genuine the outrage is.


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