Not one of 75 Trump claims is actually true

Stuff reports:

Of the 75 political claims by during the current campaign that have been vetted by the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact checking organisation Politifact not one – not a single one – has been rated as “True”.

Politifact has a six-point rating scale from True to Pants on fire. It rates five of Trump’s comments to be Mostly True and 13 to be Half True. It considers 16 to be Pants on Fire, 29 to be False and 12 to be Mostly False.

By comparison Politifact has rated 140 claims by Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and found 39 of them to be True, 32 Mostly True and two to be Pants on Fire.

In the last debate Trump’s latest idea was that the US should proactively target and murder innocent people if they happen to be related to terrorists. We’re not talking collateral damage here, but actually go out and execute people because of who their sister or brother is etc.

His ability to not just get things wrong, but refuse to ever concede he got something wrong is what his fans like about him, but it is what you expect more from his good friend Putin, than a potential US president.

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