NZ to get a CERT

The Herald reports:

People will be able to look for an official “cyber security tick” when they use businesses, under a Government proposal to reduce cybercrime.

Those with good cyber security practices would be able to display the tick, in a similar way to schemes that acknowledge healthy food or energy efficient appliances.

The tick scheme is proposed in the Government’s refreshed cyber security strategy, launched in Auckland today by Communications Minister Amy Adams.

Other new initiatives include:
• The establishment of a national “” – a computer emergency response team, or expert group, that handles computer security incidents and will be the first port of call for organisations and individuals needing help.
• Review of the Crimes Act 1961 and other legislation to see if changes are needed to more easily address cybercrime.

Most developed countries have a CERT, and the discussion about having one in NZ has gone on for the best part of a decade. It’s good to see a decision made to establish and fund one.

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