Another study finds NZ does better than most from TPP

Two professors (one a former OECD director) have done an economic study of the impact of the TPP on the 12 economies signed up to it, and also countries not part of it.

Here’s what they found in terms of impact on real income for each country by 2030:

  1. Vietnam +8.1%
  2. Malaysia +7.6%
  3. Brunei +5.9%
  4. Singapore +3.9%
  5. Peru +2.6%
  6. Japan +2.5%
  7. NZ +2.2%
  8. Canada +1.3%
  9. Mexico +1.0%
  10. Chile +0.9%
  11. Australia +0.6%
  12. US +0.5%

So the gains to NZ are proportionally much greater than to the US, Australia or Canada. And also the developing economies do best of all, which is great for lifting more people out of actual poverty.

It also estimates several countries not in will suffer a drop in real income by being excluded. This is what Labour, Greens and NZ First – us to withdraw from a trade agreement with 40% of the world’s GDP.

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