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The release of more data on the risk factors for children will provide “valuable insights” into the issues they face, Finance Minister Bill English says.

English said the publication of the new data on Thursday extended the analysis to include those aged between zero and 14 years of age, giving a broader picture.

Analysis of the data revealed four “indicators” that could lead to poor outcomes for the children: a Child, Youth and Family finding of abuse or neglect; being supported by benefits for most of their lifetime; having a parent who has been punished by the courts; and having a mother with no formal qualifications.

I suspect the one one being benefit dependent and having no formal qualifications are linked. This is one reason why reducing welfare dependency is so important. And to date the Government has done a reasonable job.

Children with two or more of those indicators were three times more likely to leave school with no qualifications, three times more likely to receive a prison or community sentence between 25 and 34, and four times more likely to be on a sole parent benefit by 21.

Which creates a cycle, very hard to break out of.

The information was being made widely available, and would help the social sector to understand how it could best help vulnerable members of society, he said.

“This is priceless information for service providers who need to understand the people they are trying to help.

“We want to reduce misery, rather than service it and that requires a deep understanding of the drivers of social dysfunction.”

What a great quote.

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