Kiwis keep returning in record numbers


StatsNZ reports:

The net gain from Australia numbered 1,300 for the January 2016 year, surpassing the 1,000 mark for the first time since the October 1991 year. This was the fourth month in a row to show an annual net gain of migrants from Australia.

Of the migrant arrivals in the January 2016 year:

  • 30,600 were New Zealand citizens, making up one-quarter of all migrant arrivals 

  • 15,200 were Indian citizens, with almost three-quarters having student visas

  • 11,000 were Chinese citizens, with over half having student visas and one-quarter having residence visas.

The from Australia is welcome. The student visas are very good also as we earn heaps from the fees international students pay, plus their spending in NZ.

The level of residency visas has not changed in recent years. With so much inwards migration in other areas, it could well be sensible to have a temporary reduction in residency visas, to minimise the infrastructure strain. Medium term we definitely want to keep migration levels at strong levels, but an inwards net flow of 200 a day is pushing infrastructure.

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