Labour want to ban pet free tenancies!

From the Hutt News:

Those living in rental properties needed more rights and greater security, Twyford said.

“Renters don’t have the right to have a pet, they don’t have the right to make basic alterations and they can be kicked out on the whim of the landlord within 90 days, no justification needed.

“That’s more than half our population living in those conditions. Is that any way to live? To raise a family?” He said tenants deserved greater rights and would “have to change that”.

So Labour’s spokesperson is saying landlords should not be allowed to specify no pets for a property they own. Also he is saying that tenants should have the right to make alterations to the house they are renting, without permission from the actual home owner.

The greatest irony is the article is about providing more homes. This would in fact reduce greatly the number of homes available for rent. There are very valid reasons why some properties are not suitable for pets.

And allowing tenants to make alterations without any approval from the actual home owner – well why would you risk renting a property out?

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