Sanders and Trump win New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have won their New Hampshire primaries.

This is not unexpected as both had clear leads in the polls.

Sanders is 21% ahead of Clinton. In terms of the expectations games, she will be seen as a loser of his margin is over 20%. If under 10% it is a relative victory.

Kasich is coming 2nd on 16%. He put all his energy into New Hampshire so probably a good enough result to keep him alive for now. But will soon be dead.

Bush got 12%. Still no path to victory for him but money can keep him in for a bit longer.

Cruz is on 11.5% and Rubio 9.8%.  Rubio will be bruised coming 5th and we Cruz will get a bounce.

Trump will declare himself Emperor on the basis of the win, and he is going to win easily. But he is winning with 34% of the vote. Eventually it will become a three way race, and I doubt that will be enough.

The next primaries are Nevada on 20 February for Democrats and on the same day South Carolina and Washington for the Republicans.

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