Christchurch Council bugging dog owners

Stuff reports:

A Christchurch couple say they were shocked to discover the city council was spying on their dogs using a listening device covertly placed in their garden.

The move has astounded Jenny and Tim Bennett and a human rights lawyer, who said the couple’s right to privacy has been breached. 

The admitted on Tuesday it used the devices and normally sought permission before installing them.

That did not happen in the Bennetts’ case.

It has now recalled all listening devices until its animal management officers have received refresher training to ensure they followed correct procedure.

This is appalling. To have the Council bugging residents because they own a dog. I’d be horrified at the thought that any conversations I’d had in my garden were being recorded by the local Council.

It’s fine to do it with permission, so you know it is there. But to do it without permission just to record the noise level of a dog is appalling.

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