Sevens to stay in Wellington

Stuff reports:

Sevens rugby is to stay in Wellington, with the capital the only city serious about hosting the colourful sporting spectacular.

Wellington has won the event at a cut cost against scant opposition, sources say.

No contracts have been signed but, following detailed board room discussion, New Zealand Rugby (NZR) is expected to confirm on Thursday the event will remain in the capital for the next couple of years.

I’m glad. Now the challenge is to make it fun again.

A combination of factors, including waning interest and a crackdown on intoxication which led to breath-testing complaints, has turned punters off the event in recent times.

New Zealand Rugby Players’ Association chief executive Rob Nichol is confident the event can be a success.

“We all know for various reasons and pressures there’s been a move towards a more responsible pitch of the tournament where there is the opportunity to go and have your party, but there has to be certain levels of responsibility met,” Nichol said.

Breath testing people at a sports game is just nuts,and if they keep that up, it will die.

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